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25 Sep

Patrick Barbanes, The Branding Professor at www.PatrickBarbanes.comToday, Sept. 25 as I write this, is my birthday. So I’m going to give YOU a present instead of asking for one.

I know the economy is crazy-tough right now, and a lot of people have asked me if I could do a workshop that was a little more…affordable. As my birthday started to roll around, I decided I didn’t really want presents – even from my family – but that I wanted to give out some presents.

Workshop by Patrick Barbanes at

Maybe you know I do free workshops as often as possible for people who are unemployed and looking for work. Well, obviously I can’t do all my workshops for free – until I get a grant from the Bill Gates or the Facebook Zuckerberg foundations! – but since my mission is “to train as many people as possible globally to benefit from online connections,” I’m doing an experiment and I hope you’ll join me.

But first, see what Yvette, starting her own business, YRPR, said after she took one of my workshops. (We had fun just shooting the video!)

So, here’s the experiment:

I’ll take 10 people, live in Fort Lauderdale, through a very fast-paced and intensive 4-Hour Workshop. As an attendee, you’ll get some pre-work that you have to do before attending, so we can move quickly.

Here’s what we’ll do:

We’ll go through some basic concepts of branding to make sure your brand is clear and online – with your own website address, if you don’t have one already.

We’ll get you set up and running on WordPress – the free version, so you don’t have to spend any money to do it. And if you already have a self-hosted WordPress blog, you can follow along and use that. Each attendee will leave with their own “personal brand site” – a really simple, 3-page blog and site that you can use as your hub on the web, and update any time you like!

You’ll get your profile on LinkedIn tweaked so that you appear on the first page – and maybe even the first position – of LinkedIn search results. (Setting up a LinkedIn profile will be part of your pre-work.)

You’ll learn strategies for making valuable connections on LinkedIn – not just letting your profile sit there like a doormat of a resume.

There’s more, but check out what Steven, an iPhone app developer, had to say about my workshop, especially the part about combining the uses of your social networking applications:

As you can see, people like taking part in my workshops. And whether you’re as tech-y as an iPhone developer or just know enough about computers to use Google, you’ll see that I make things as simple, clear, and actionable as possible. Because I believe that if you can’t put it into action, you haven’t really learned it.

So what else will we do in this four hours?

If you take part in this experiment, you’ll get up and running on Twitter, if you’re not already. I’ll show you some key strategies for using Twitter – from getting Followers (your “audience”) to finding good people to follow, from tweeting to retweeting.

Four hours might seem like a lot. But trust me, it can fly by. So if you’re going to take part, you have to be ready. And normally, my hourly rate might price you out if you wanted to work with me 1-on-1 for four hours. So, we’ll do this as a group of ten people who are ready to move, ready to get their personal brand up and running, ready to integrate social networking into the mix and start engaging! And the best part is my present to you, a cost of only $125 $99!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE (sorry, I couldn’t resist…because there IS more)
If you attend the workshop, you WILL get to work one-on-one with me. I’ll guarantee you two more hours of private, dedicated time – online, over the phone, answering your questions, reviewing your work and progress. I can even take remote control of your PC and show you how to do things, if you want – or just walk you through as I view your screen. So, in all, you’ll get 6 hours of hands-on workshop time with me for less than fifty dollars.

Now, I know even $125 $99 can be a stretch these days.

But if you’ve been floundering around, trying to crystalize your personal brand online and put it together with social media strategies, and you feel like you’re tired of spending time – or even wasting time – trying to figure it out, $125 $99 can be a small price to pay.

Why not? If you take the workshop and don’t feel like it helped you, I’ll give you your money back. Ask Yvette – the woman in the video above. She wasn’t sure my workshop would be right for her. I told her to come on down and if she didn’t think it was worth it, I’d give her her money back right on the spot. Instead of that, she was so pleased that she ended up doing the testimonial video! I know you will be, too – so I hope you’re ready to go on video!

And here’s another testimonial. Harvey Burstein, publisher of Miami Art Scene. (He had the most questions of anyone during the workshop, which I LOVE, because I love the interaction – it’s how real adult learning takes place!)

Picture it: just ten of us (well, 11 with me) in a room for an intensive 4 hours. You’ll need to bring a laptop. I’ll supply the power and the strong wifi connection. You’ll leave with your own personal brand site set up, social connections begun, and an action plan you can begin to work immediately! Nothing too complicated, too techie or too time-consuming.

So, if you’re ready, and if 10 other people haven’t already signed up while you’ve been reading this and watching the videos, join me next Saturday and we’ll get you rockin’!

WHEN: Saturday, October 2, 2010
TIME: 12:30 – 4:30pm EST + 2 hours of one-on-one time at a later date!
WHERE: Fort Lauderdale location (I’m still finalizing the site, since I just started decided to offer this workshop and bring it to you quickly!)
INVESTMENT: $125 $99

Register now for this special live, hands-on workshop!

P.S. Need more fuel for your fire? Check out this video from NBC’s Today Show. If you’re not on board yet, it’s never too late to get started! MSNBC

P.P.S. Questions? Contact me through Facebook, Twitter, email, call me at 1-800-951-1156, or just leave question in the comments below!

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